Basic to more advanced camera tutorials.

camera tutorialsLearn all about how to use your camera in these camera tutorials. We will begin with basic camera tutorials and continue on with more advanced camera tutorials in time. This page will be updated frequently with more advanced photography tutorials and other photography-related articles to help our club members enhance their knowledge of photography and get the best out of their camera and equipment.

Here we will explain the basics of compact, bridge and Dslr cameras. We will also explain the basics of photography from exposure, ISO, white balance, aperture, shutter speeds and focus points. We will cover other aspects of photography too, from composition, landscape, portraiture and sports photography to name just a few. Please do check back regularly as we will be adding to the tutorials section all the time.

camera tutorial mode dials

Camera Basics

Camera Basics. In this tutorial we will explain all about camera basics. The difference between compact and Dslr cameras. We will also explain all the different dials and modes on your camera and what they do.

camera tutorials exposure triangle

Exposure Triangle

Exposure. In this tutorial we will explain all about the exposure triangle.