Duffy’s Photography exhibition is a collection of vintage cameras and photographs from 1912 to the present day. The exhibition will be on display in the Síamsa Sráide office building directly opposite the Gateway Hotel on Main Street in Swinford. The exhibition will be open every day of the festival and we would highly recommend it.

Ger Duffy:
My father has a large collection of cameras, photography equipment and an extensive photo archive belonging to my great-grandfather and grandfather dating back to 1912. My father has kept this gear in fantastic condition since the death of my grandfather in 1989 and exhibits them around Mayo from time to time.

One of those exhibitions will be part of the Siamsa Sraide festival in Swinford this coming Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues & Wed. The exhibition will be in a space directly across from the Gateway Hotel on Main Street.

If anyone is around make sure to call in and have a look. My dad, Gerry, will be there everyday, I’ll be there myself on Saturday and Sunday. Happy Friday everyone!