Moon Eclipse 28th September 2015

There will be a total eclipse of the moon on the night of the 27th/28th September 2015. The eclipse will be visible over Europe after midnight, in the early hours of Monday the 28th of September. The moon will be full also on the night which will make the eclipse all the more spectacular!

moon eclipse map

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The eclipse of the moon will begin with the partial eclipse starting at 02.07.13 AM, (clear skies permitting).
The full eclipse of the moon will be seen over Ireland beginning at 03.11.12 AM and will continue until 04.23.25 AM. The whole eclipse from beginning to end will last 5 hours and 11 minutes in total!

moon eclipse image map

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Here’s how a lunar (moon) eclipse happens.

lunar eclipse geometry

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lunar eclipse timetable

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The next total lunar eclipse will take place on the 31st of January 2018.
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