Swinford Camera Club Next Meeting 2nd December

swinford camera club meetingThe next meeting of Swinford camera club will be on Wednesday 2nd December. Club meetings take place every 1st and 3rd Wednesday evenings at  8pm in the Gateway Hotel. New members are always welcome. We would like to welcome all our newest club members.

Swinford Camera Club Monthly “Theme”

As was discussed at the camera club AGM recently, it was decided by all the club members present that we would have a monthly “Theme” for members to work on. If any club members have any suggestions for a monthly them, please let us know and we can make up a list to work off. Novembers theme was “Colour”. Members are asked to bring their “theme photos” with them to the next meeting on the 2nd. We will decide at the next meeting the theme for December. The monthly themes will be posted to our Calendar page here on the website for easy reference.

Previous Meeting

At the previous meeting, Tom showed the club members a collection of his old film cameras and lens. The “old” film cameras are a far cry from the digital compact and DSLR cameras we have today. Surprisingly the manual film cameras still work just as good as they did the day they were made! Apart from some wear and tear, (as is to be expected) they still work perfectly. Tom also showed how the cameras Aperture works. You could physically see the aperture opening on the film camera, something you would not see too easily on a modern lens.

Camera Club Christmas Party

Swinford Camera Club Members are reminded the the annual camera club Christmas party will be held on Saturday the 5th of December next. We will be meeting in the Gateway Hotel at 7.30 and the meal will be served at 8 sharp. Angela will be taking final bookings at the next meeting on Wednesday night.

swinford camera club christmas party menu

Christmas party menu