The next meeting of Swinford Camera Club is on next Wednesday the 2nd of March. At the next meeting we will be doing a hands on tutorial on portraiture. We will also be starting an introduction tutorial on flash photography. Members are asked to bring their cameras with them and remember to have your batteries charged! If you have external flash’s and a tripod, bring those also. If you don’t have any, don’t worry, we will have some extra flash’s and tripods for members to use on the night.

February Theme

Reminder that this months theme was “Reflections”. Club members are asked to bring their theme photos at the next meeting. If you haven’t brought in monthly theme photos previously, you can do so the next night. We had no monthly theme for January due to the Christmas and New Year holidays. Decembers theme was “Lights” and Novembers theme was “Colour”. You can find each monthly theme on our Calendar page where we update it monthly for club members to reference.

Previous Meeting

photoshop cs2At the previous meeting there was a short tutorial given by Tom on Watermarking. There are so many different photo editing programmes that it is quite difficult to cover them all. There are also so many different ways of adding a watermark to your photos. We will cover the most popular editing programmes and software that club members are currently using. Tom showed members how to create a watermark Brush in Photoshop. Over time we will create tutorials for each of the different ways to watermark your photos and we will add them to a “Tutorials Section” on the site here for easy reference. We have added a download at the bottom of the page of another way to add a watermark in CS2.