Next Meeting Wednesday 19th October 2016


Swinford Camera Club Next Meeting Wednesday 19th October 2016 at 8pm in the Gateway Hotel. New members as always are very welcome. If you have an interest in photography, would like to learn how to use your camera or maybe you used to be an avid photographer but have not taken up your camera in years, why not come along Wednesday evening?

Swinford camera club headerIf you are thinking of purchasing a camera or upgrading your existing camera, come along and get independent advice on which cameras are the most suitable for you. You will also see the wide variety of cameras the club members have, from compact cameras all the way up to the more expensive DSLR cameras. A common misconception out there is that you have to have a really expensive camera to join a camera club, nothing could be further from the truth! In fact its much better to join a camera club before you spend a lot of money on purchasing or upgrading your existing camera. Then after seeing the range of brands and variety of cameras in the club, you can decide which one is more suitable for your photography and more importantly, your budget!

Monthly Theme

Swinford camera club Monthly theme logoThe monthly theme for October is “Autumn”. Club members are reminded that if you have any theme photos from previous months, you can also bring those in anytime. Previous monthly themes include Colour, Lights, Reflections. Flowers, Animals & Birds and Bridges. All the monthly themes can be found on our Calendar page.



Aurora Season

With the evenings getting shorter and darker, we are now entering Aurora season. Capturing the Aurora can be a cat and mouse game. With the advances now in technology, it is a lot easier now to predict them. To be able to photograph the Aurora here in Mayo, the “Kp” needs to be at least 6 and better to be over Kp7. Of course we also need clear skies to the north! Last Wednesday night the 12th the Kp shot up to 8+ at around 8 in the evening. I got out myself at about 10 but missed the best of it. The moon was out and full too which washed it out a good bit but after 2 hours and about 50 shots I did manage to get a hint of green Aurora. Check out the live Aurora forecast website. We will also update any Aurora alerts on our club twitter page.

Aurora kp index

To see the Aurora in Mayo, it needs to be Kp6 or higher.