Batch Processing Adding Watermark

batch processing adding watermark

Batch Processing Adding Watermark in CS2

Following on from our previous tutorial were we created a new “Action” we will now use this new action to create batch processing adding watermark to a folder of photos. Before we begin, I find it easier on myself to set up 2 dedicated folders for doing my batch processing. You can name these folders whatever is easiest for yourself. I use “To Be Processed” to copy my photos into and “Processed For Web” as the destination folder. I create these 2 folders on my desktop so as they are a little easier to find.

Start a batch process

Click on File and select Automate –> Batch from the drop down menu.

batch processing adding watermark

Select Action

In the pop up window, select the action you would like to use. Here we select our recently created “Swinford Camera Club 2017” action to use in our batch process.

batch processing adding watermark

Choose Folder

Next e need to choose our source folder. Click choose and select your “To Be Processed” folder you created on your desktop. (This is the folder where you have copied your photos for processing). Click OK. In future, this will be the selected source folder unless you move or delete it from your desktop.

batch processing adding watermark

Choose Destination Folder

Now you need to select your destination folder for your processed photos. Again we select our recently created folder on our desktop “Processed For Web”. Click OK. As before, this folder will remain the destination folder for your processed photos unless you delete or move it.

batch processing adding watermark


Make sure to tick the box “Override Action “Save As” Commands”. If this is un-ticked, the process will stop for each photo where you need to click Save as each time. Once this box is ticked, it will remain so unless changed.

tick box override save as command


This process, although a little time consuming to set up initially, will save you a lot of time with your workflow. When set up its just a matter of copying the photos you want to process into our “To Be Processed” folder on your desktop. Select the action you want to use, then sit back and have a cup of coffee! All your photos will be resized and watermarked and ready for use in your “Processed for web” folder.

View Batch Processing Adding Watermark Action

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February 3, 2017

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