Swinford Camera Club 2017 AGM

The Swinford camera club 2017 AGM was held on Wednesday the 4th of October last. Our chairman Louis opened the meeting welcoming all the club members present. He also welcomed all our new members to the club since our last AGM last year. The club membership currently stands at 20 which is down slightly from 24 the previous year. Louis then gave a brief review of the clubs previous years activities. Our treasurer Tom then gave a detailed report on our current club finance’s, which again is in a healthy state. Our secretary Angela and PRO Michael gave brief reports on the year.

swinford camera club 2017 agm

Swinford camera club 2017 AGM getting under way.

The chairman thanked the committee for their reports and the work undertaken throughout the year. Club members were then asked to vote for a chairperson for the coming year. Louis was nominated and seconded from the floor for chairman for the coming year, which Louis accepted. The chairman then asked for a vote for the treasurer, secretary and pro positions. Tom Regan was reelected Treasurer, Secretary Angela Clarke and PRO Michael Maye.

Club members present were asked to review the annual camera club membership. It was agreed that the membership fee of €30 would remain the same for the coming year. It was decided that seeing as we have 2 meetings in the month, on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday, that at one of the meetings we would hold a workshop. A preliminary programme of workshops was proposed, which can be changed or adapted if needed. We will publish these on our Calendar page so do check that for any changes.

  • November – Aperture
  • January – Shutter
  • February – ISO
  • March – Flash
  • April – Composition
  • May – Phone Apps

We’d like to take this opportunity to remember our past members who have sadly passed away. We are also thinking of past members who are in hospital at the moment.

Next meeting is on Wednesday the 18th of October at 8pm in the Gateway hotel. The current theme for October is “Perspective”.