Swinford Show Photography Competition

The Swinford Show Photography Competition will be held in the Marquee section this Sunday at the Agricultural Show.


Conditions of Entry:
1. Each entry must be attached to a section of cardboard, ready for display
2. Normal Size – No Enlargements
3. Titles or Captions on photograph are optional
4. Entry Fee: €3 per photograph
5. Prizemoney: 1st €15, 2nd €10, 3rd €7 & 4th €5

Confined Photography Classes
(Classes 101-104 are confined to members of Camera Clubs)
101. Transport
102. Bridges
103. Subject of your own choice
104. Reflections

Open Photography Classes
(Members of Camera Clubs are excluded from classes 105-108 inclusive)
105. Child Portrait
107. Agricultural scene
106. Amusing shot of person
108. Subject of your own choice