Next Camera Club Meeting 17th February

The next camera club meeting is on Wednesday the 17th of February. Meetings continue every 1st and 3rd Wednesday night in the Gateway Hotel at 8 pm. As always new members are always most welcome.

At our next meeting we will do a tutorial on watermarking your photos and re-sizing them for uploading to the internet, either to a website or to social media sites like Facebook or Twitter for example. There are so many different photo editing programmes on the market now. Some are subscription based such as Lightroom or Photoshop CC and others can be purchased. There are also so many free photo editing software programmes, we wouldn’t know where to start!

photoshop cs2Most of the free programmes while quite good, they can be fairly limited in what they can do. Some would have a lot more features than others. One of the best editing programmes out there is Adobe Photoshop. The new versions can be a little expensive, either bought outright or by monthly subscription. There is however a free version of Photoshop available legally! Adobe released a free licence for Photoshop CS2 in 2014. Although its 7 or 8 years old, it is still a very powerful editing programme. You can download it over on our “Downloads” page.

At the next meeting we will do a tutorial on how to add your own watermark in CS2. We will also demonstrate how to create an “Action” in CS2 to batch process your photos. It will make your processing much quicker, re-sizing, compressing and watermarking your photos automatically.

Monthly Theme

The monthly theme for the month of February is “Reflections”. We have a different theme each month and we will add each monthly theme to our Calendar page.

Free Google Drive Storage

In case you missed our last post, Google are offering 2GB of extra free storage on google drive. All you have to do is complete your google account security check. Details are in yesterdays post. You’ll need to be quick though, the offer ends on the 11th!

ISS Flyover Ireland in February

If you are interested in seeing the International Space Station (ISS), it will be flying over Irish skies for the coming week or so. Hopefully the skies will clear enough for us to spot it! Times are below;

Date Visible Max Height Appears Disappears
Mon Feb 8, 7:12 PM 3 min 48° 22° above SW 35° above ESE
Mon Feb 8, 8:48 PM < 1 min 12° 12° above W 12° above W
Tue Feb 9, 6:20 PM 5 min 38° 21° above SW 10° above E
Tue Feb 9, 7:56 PM 1 min 50° 22° above WSW 50° above SW
Wed Feb 10, 7:04 PM 3 min 57° 27° above WSW 27° above ESE
Wed Feb 10, 8:39 PM < 1 min 18° 15° above W 18° above W
Thu Feb 11, 6:11 PM 4 min 50° 32° above SW 12° above E
Thu Feb 11, 7:47 PM 1 min 52° 27° above WSW 52° above SSW
Fri Feb 12, 6:55 PM 3 min 58° 33° above WSW 18° above ESE
Fri Feb 12, 8:30 PM < 1 min 22° 16° above WSW 22° above WSW
Sat Feb 13, 7:38 PM 2 min 41° 25° above WSW 37° above SSE
Sun Feb 14, 6:46 PM 4 min 51° 39° above WSW 12° above ESE
Sun Feb 14, 8:21 PM 1 min 19° 14° above WSW 19° above SW
Mon Feb 15, 7:29 PM 3 min 29° 21° above WSW 17° above SSE
Tue Feb 16, 6:37 PM 4 min 38° 33° above SW 10° above SE
Tue Feb 16, 8:12 PM 2 min 13° 10° above WSW 12° above SSW
Wed Feb 17, 7:21 PM 3 min 19° 18° above SW 10° above SSE
Thu Feb 18, 6:29 PM 3 min 26° 25° above SW 10° above SSE
Fri Feb 19, 7:12 PM 1 min 11° 11° above SW 10° above SSW