Camera Club Next Meeting 16th December

next meeting Swinford Camera Clubs next meeting is on next Wednesday the 16th December. Meetings are held every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 8pm in the Gateway Hotel Swinford. Our next meeting will be our last for this year. Its hard to believe 2015 is nearly at an end! Swinford camera club will be taking a break for the Christmas and new year. We will resume our meetings again in 2016 on the 20th of January. All our meetings for 2016 are posted on our Calendar page which is updated regularly.

There are a few events happening over the next few days and the month which might be of interest to you. During the month of December the ISS (International Space Station) is making regular flyovers over Ireland. We have all the timings and orbits listed out for you in a previous post. There is also some news about another special flyover later in the month which is secret at the moment, but we’ll have some more details nearer the date, (will be of interest for the “little ones”)!

Geminids meteor shower

Photo: Nasa

As we mentioned recently also, December is the month for the Geminids meteor showers. The Geminids meteor shower 2015 began on December 4th and continue’s until December 17th. The annual Geminids meteor shower will peakthis weekend on the nights of Sunday the 13th and Monday 14th of December. The Geminids are one of the more spectacular meteor showers of the year, where it is possible to see up to 120 meteors an hour. Hopefully the sky will be favourable for us to view and photograph them.

December Theme

Swinford camera club have a different theme each month for club members to work on. The December theme for club members is “Lights”. We will add each monthly theme to our club calendar as well for easy reference for club members. We will  also have a post up later in the week about tips and tricks on photographing Christmas lights.


We are currently doing some major work on our website here. Our old web address is now closed so we would recommend you to change your bookmark to our new address, . If you are on social media you might share our new web address. We will be adding more features and information to the site here over the coming months. Some of the additions we will be adding for example, will be a “tutorials” section and a “tips and tricks” section for example. It is a work in progress so please bare with us. If there is anything in particular you would like to see on the site, please do let us know.